The transit industry is rapidly chaning. ‘Nothing new’, you might think. But change is more challenging than ever before, due to reduced data budgets resonating from the pandemic. One of the hot topics in transit is data monetization. But how to make it work without substantial funding?

Budgetting is often an issue when it comes to setting up a data system. Managers have a hard time deciding what data they need and use. On top of this, it can take years for data systems to be set up within an organization. This makes organizations doubt if such an investment is worth the money. However, staying behind might also be a mistake. In this year’s State of Public Transit report, Railway News found that public transport agencies must work hard to keep up with passengers expectations about a world connected through data. In five trends Railway News shows how important data systems are.

Are you in need of a data system but have a difficult time setting the data budgets and goals? Well… consider Zightwise: The first modular dashboarding solution for transit performance improvement. We will have our system up-and-running within 4-6 weeks, and you will be all set to monitor and improve!

Find the Five Trends identified by Railway News here: Five Trends from the 2023 State of Public Transit Report

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