Do you ever wonder how World Cup coaches make their game plan? How can they be sure to lead their team to a win? It’s no secret: Head coaches are data-driven!

Head coaches use a lot of data to determine their strategy. Data is used to determine the strategy of other teams and see which chances your own team has to score points. Most teams even bring their own performance-analyst who looks at videos, data, the technlogy and game statistics to create a winning, data-driven team! This is not only useful for soccer teams. Public transport can also benefit from a data-driven strategy. The use of data will give you more information about passengers, speed, ridership and other KPIs. An analysis of such data will provide a lot of information to base decisions on. Consequently, this overview can make decisions more effective and accurate.

Want to coach your public transport to a win? Then check out Zightwise: a modular ‘plug & play’ BI solution for public transport improvement. Zightwise is a modular plug & play BI solution for public transport improvement. Zightwise can be set up within 4 to 6 weeks, allowing users to quickly learn what they want from a data portal and how they want to use it.

Read more about the role of Performance Analysts in Soccer here: The Team behind the Team: The role of the performance analyst

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