When using data, it is very tempting to think about averages. These averages show us neat summaries of our world and the data in it. However, outliers can offer us a different perspective. Outliers are often framed to be deviations from the norm, this causes them to be undervalued.

In this short TED clip, journalist Mona Chalabi explains why looking at outliers is important. She calls outliers ‘lost birds’ and explains how we can access the rich and insightful stories that these lost birds have to tell. The answer is simple, we look past the averages for outliers! This is a good way of thinking about data in general. All outliers have interesting stories to tell about many different things that can be important for your organization. Getting an insight into all deviations from the norm shows how important they are and can even provide a good overview!

To be able to look past averages, a good data portal is needed. Zightwise is a modular BI tool that converts your data into clear visuals, allowing you to look for the lost birds in your data.

Find the TED clip here: What we miss when we focus on the average

Find more information on all features that Zightwise has to offer here: Why Zightwise?

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