Zightwise = Flexibility

Just pick the modules that fit your goals and data


Choose what you currently need.
And if your needs grow, simply add additional modules.

Passenger Module

Module Passenger provides insights into the utilization of transit by displaying trends, outliers, predictions and smart augmentation of your data. 

These dashboards are of great support to planning, operations, marketing, sales and finance departments. 

The module uses AFC data to create indicators like: ridership, revenue, OD-relations, trips, journeys, transfers, passenger kms, speed and directness.

Service Module

Module Service is designed to optimise public transport to passengers by unlocking information about service quality, trends, outliers and forecasts, providing ground to perform advanced analytics. 

It is especially recommended for planning, operations and marketing departments.

This module uses CAD-AVL and planning data to compute indicators like: punctuality, regularity, excess wait time, dwell time.

Vehicle Module

Module Vehicle combines CAD AVL and planning data to display information about vehicle availability and operations. 

The dashboards are of great support for planning, maintenance and operations departments.

This module provides indicators like: vehicle (missed) trips, vehicle hours, vehicle and seat kms / miles, planned and actual, dead and revenue. 

Driver Module

Module Driver uses data from planning and vehicle management to provide dashboards on driver performance. 

This module is a great companion for planning and HR departments. 

Some of the indicators include: on-time first stop, percentage too early departures, number of accidents.

Corporate & Finance Module

Module Finance makes use of both CAD AVL and AFC data to provide insights into revenue and costs, including cost recovery. It helps to streamline operations, minimise inefficiencies and costs. 

This information is useful for planning, maintenance, operations, sales and finance departments. 

The module contains indicators like: passenger revenue, direct cost, farebox recovery ratio, efficiency ratios.

Ticketing Module

Module Ticketing focuses on monitoring the quality and availability of ticketing software and hardware. Using trend analysis and advanced forecasting, it provides timely alerts when the indicators exceed their thresholds.  

This will be of value to IT, maintenance, operations, marketing, sales and finance departments. 

The Ticketing module turns AFC data into indicators like: % uptime, % settled, amount and value of sales, amount of blacklisted, response time.

Common Functionality

All dashboards come with standard functionality:

Segmentation by month, day, daypart, hour, route, origin, destination, profile, etc.
Visualisation through maps, graphs and tables
Calculation of ratios, outliers and forecasts
In case of check-in-only: prediction of a destination


If your business strategy is not yet fully supported by the available KPIs, Zightwise can be customised to specific requirements

New data or sources

New KPIs

New dashboards

New visuals

New functionality

New access rules

The whole system is designed to facilitate monitoring, analysis and optimization. It enables us to boost both quality and cost recovery. We can find our way without a need for structural support but if we do get in touch with Zight, it is always very professional and pleasant experience.

Jasper Vermeer

Jasper Vermeer

Manager Sales, Maketing & Communication
EBS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands