Zightwise is More than
 a Set of Dashboards

It is a complete public transport improvement suite


Zightwise is more than a set of dashboards.
It helps operators and authorities to get from data to results.

Performance Driven Approach

In Business Intelligence the most important and challenging step is to actually obtain results. This will define whether your BI-system is an asset or cost.

We follow our UITP-certified approach to introduce data-driven performance improvement and this philosophy is an integral part of Zightwise. The approach is based on our experience in Middle East, Europe and North America.

Key themes are:

Business-oriented data strategy
KPI-ownership and management
Return on Investment
Senior management commitment

Templates Made for You

Zightwise unlocks a library of custom-made documents, developed specifically for the public transport sector. They will support your organisation to reach the full potential of a data-driven transit operator. 

Best practices
Instruction videos

Academy to Expand Horizons

To get the best out of Zightwise we have developed an extensive training program. As a result, everyone at your organisation will use the platform to its maximum and will know how to translate discovered insights into actionable decisions.

Training videos
User groups

SaaS Service

The Zightwise platform is a modern SaaS solution but it can also be hosted on premise. This is up to client’s requirements and legislation. 

Both options come with support and maintenance, if remote access is enabled.

Secure cloud hosting
First class data centers
Regular updates

Support Service

Our support provides a helping hand should you encounter a problem. We will make sure all questions can be asked and be answered. 

Of course we will also maintain the dashboards delivered, making sure they will stay up-and-running during the course of the contract.

Helpdesk support
Software updates
Influence on product roadmap

With the help of Zight, we have created our own BI Competence Centre. It makes us independent. But if we need support, we can always rely on Zight.

Egbert Dekker

Consultant BI & Analytics
Qbuzz, The Netherlands