Today, the 28th of July, the Netherlands celebrates System Administrator Appreciation Day. This means that we also praise all System Administrators in the public transport industry. And we recognize the immense importance of the information they provide to their colleagues for day-to-day decision-making!

As System Administrators, these employees support the overall IT infrastructure in a company. Most importantly, System Administrators support the data dashboards that employees use to make decision. The importance of data in making decision is immense! However, managers and System Administrators often have a hard time deciding what dashboards and data is needed. This challenge often leads to long definition and design phases that can have significant impact on planning, budget, satisfaction and quality. Furthermore, testing and optimization can only start after the dashboards have been set up. This further extends the definition and design phase for your System Administrators. In such cases agencies should ask themselves: how can we skip the design phase and find a standard solution that can be customized based on experience from utilization?

How can the focus of these dashboards be shifted to users to avoid the long definition and design phases? Zightwise is the answer. We recognize the importance of data, and being able to use it for decisions. Within 4 to 6 weeks you will have 30+ dashboards with 100+ transit-KPIs & visuals. So managers can quickly and effectively learn to work with data. This starts a process of learning by doing. Because there is learning by doing, colleagues from all levels are involved. Working together with your System Administrators, this can optimize your processes and lead to informed public transport decisions!

Want to learn more and celebrate System Administrator Appreciation Day today? Visit Zightwise.

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