November 4th is Use Your Common Sense Day! To celebrate it, take some time to get a good data overview and analyze all your options each time you want to act on impulse.

Good decisions are based on analysis, and analysis starts with the right information and dashboards, providing you the opportunities you need. This gives you a complete overview which means that you can make better and more informed decisions. It can be difficult to get such an overview. A central place in which the data that provides you with the right information and dashboards is stored is vital. Such a place is a data portal, a central way to easily access all of your data in a manageable way.

Are you working in Public Transport and having a hard time analyzing status and options? Do you need a central data portal? Then check out Zightwise: a modular ‘plug & play’ BI solution for public transport improvement. This data portal is able to show you a complete data overview with 100+ transit KPIs in 30+ dashboards within 4 to 6 weeks!

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