Did you make predictions about the scores for the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Were they data predictions? An Oxford University modeller has won the 2020 Fantasy Football prediction competition from over eight million competitors!

Whether it is a sport like football or public tranSPORT, data can help you make predictions to base your decisions on. Data can provide you with clarity regarding regular occurences or rare happenings. When you are able to understand everything that has happened, it can be used to make predictions! This will help you to be prepared for what is to come! To make predictions, you need a data overview. With the help of a data portal, you can create such an overview! A dataportal should show you all relevant KPIs in dashboards. These dashboards should be easy to use and read according to your needs.

Don’t know how to use data to make predictions? But do you want to outpredict modellers? Then check out Zightwise: a modular ‘plug & play’ BI solution for public transport improvement. This solution is able to unluck 100+ KPIs in 30+ dashboards in 4 to 6 weeks.

Read more about Joshua Bull, the Oxford University modeller here: Maths and Fantasy Football

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