Did you know most Valentine’s Day shopping is done online? And that about 16% of shopping is done at florists? To gather these facts about consumer spending habits, a data-analysis portal was needed!

Using data and data-analysis, a lot more can become clear about consumer spending habits during Valentine’s Day. For example, the amount of people dining out on the day increases, most flowers are bought by men but most cards are bought by women. The data also shows a decrease in interest in shopping as consumers age. This data-analysis is used by organizations and companies to adapt their plans and strategy to spending habits of consumers.

You can do the same for public transport! Are you curious to see if Valentine’s Day caused a spike in public transport ridership since more people visited their loved ones? Are you lacking the right tooling to analyze this? Then you need Zightwise: a modular ‘plug & play’ BI solution for public transport improvement. Zightwise is a data portal that is able to show you 100+ KPIs over 30+ dashboards. The portal can be set up in 4 to 6 weeks, providing you with this data in time for the next holiday!

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