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What is Zightwise?

Zightwise is an AI-supported improvement suite created exclusively for public transport optimisation. Designed by public transport and BI experts, it allows you to focus on performance improvements without worrying about the technology.

Themed modules and state-of-the-art dashboards with rich visuals employ knowledge and best practices from projects around the world into a hands-free tool, which empowers its users to take actions and achieve results. 

With Zightwise, agencies have a global standard of reporting after only a single month of onboarding. The short onboarding process shifts the focus from technology and dashboard design to performance improvement and return on investment.

The Zight team has done a great job in providing us with a modern and robust BI system encompassing all our enterprise data. Their customer-centric and results-driven approach is top notch.

Calvin Young

Calvin Young

IT Project Manager
CDTA, Albany (NY), USA

How does it help?

Unlocks the value of transit data

Unlock the maximum value of data. Both for optimizing your services and for meeting new mobility challenges.

Modular BI-solution

Enable thematic modules which accept data from various ITMS systems, e.g. AFC, CAD AVL, Planning, Finance and Asset Management.

Designed by transit and BI experts

Take advantage of decades of experience in monitoring, analysing and optimising public transport. 

AI-supported dashboards & KPIs

Make better decisions faster with interactive dashboards and rich visuals, which employ the knowledge and best practices from projects around the world. 

Advanced analytics

Use our in-depth data analytics, advanced predictive capabilities and artificial intelligence for items like outlier detection, passenger profiling and data augmentation. 

Path to data drive

Benefit from our transformation service to achieve effective KPI-management and deliver Return on Investment with data-driven performance improvements.


Create and share custom views, add new data sources, export data and reports, create new visuals and dashboards, control user access, etc.


Connect with Power BI, Tableau or other (mobile) BI-tools using ODBC. Export reports to Excel, PDF, CSV and PNG. 

Short onboarding time

Change focus from handling technological challenges to actually working on performance improvement.


Select our secure cloud hosting or go for hosting on premises, depending upon your organisation's policy. 

Maintenance and innovation

Benefit from regular updates to always have the latest and greatest features to make the most of public transport.

Influence the development

Submit your feedback and wishes, so they can be included in the future versions of Zightwise. 

Zight provides a holistic approach that helps us understand and use the power of data.

Wim Dujardin

Wim Dujardin

Manager IT
EBS, Amsterdam, The Netherlands