It is Kingsday in the Netherlands! And to celebrate the birthday of our King, people take trains, buses, trams and metros to get to all the party-places. To accomodate all these extra passengers, transit agencies use detailed insights into items like ridership, utilisation patterns, punctuality and occupancy. This allows agencies to use data-driven decision-making.

So: just another day, in which transit would be lost without proper data, KPIs, dashboards and data-driven decision-making.

Question: Are you working for a Transit Agency? Do you need more value from your data? But are both time and budget limited? This is an issue for many transit agencies. They have a hard time deciding on what they need from a data portal, how they employees may use it and why. Such uncertainty causes agencies to be discouraged from setting up a data system, which means they never unlock the full value of their data. So, do you recognize yourself as such an agency? If yes, then you should work with Zightwise.

Zightwise is a modular ‘plug & play’ BI solution for Public Transport improvement. Within 4 to 6 weeks, we connect your data to our 30+ dashboards to unlock 100+ transit KPIs. This means that we enable you to make informed decisions within 4-6 weeks after sending us your data. Read more about why you should choose to use Zightwise here: Why Zightwise

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