“By 2025 most employees will use data to optimize nearly every aspect of their work.” This means the establishment of the data-driven enterprise.

Before this point is reached, it is critical to develop a vision for your data-driven organization and start to identify ways in which data can be used, shared and organized. For most organizations, this can be a challenge. Designing and setting up data dashboards takes time, effort and budget, something not many organizations and agencies have in abundance. For many mid-size transit agencies, this might sound like a distant future. But even with limited budgets / resources this can be achieved … using Zightwise.

Zightwise can be the solution to this problem and set up 30+ dashboards with 100+ transit-KPIs & visuals within 4 to 6 weeks. Enabling you to monitor and improve the key aspects of your agency’s core services. This allows you to learn by doing and improve as you go! Do you want to be prepared for 2025 and start using data to optimize work today?

Read the article on being a data-driven enterprise here: The data-driven enterprise of 2025

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